Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stop the Madness

Well folks, this whole "bald celebrity" stupidity is getting way out of hand.

So, now we are looking at the possibility of Donald Trump's sporting a chrome dome, based on the winner of a choreographed dance between two steroid-ridden morons?

What's next--Oscar loser shearings? Least strange Scientologist head shaving?

Maybe they could just have a contest to see who can jump from the tallest building before news programs are full of shiny bald heads.


Michelle said...

Oh fuck, am I going to have to shave my head again? I've been growing it for years? Or can I get away with showing a photo of me 4 years ago?

R Nicolas said...

I've seen that picture. It was trendsetting then, but now it would look like idol worship.

And as if it meant anything--I like you better with hair.

Michelle said...

Well, I wouldn't do it now... not for at least 3 weeks. Enough time for everyone to forget that Britney did it.

Dan Marvin said...

Why don't you two just kiss and get it over with already!

Ron and Michelle sitting in a tree...

too childish?

R Nicolas said...

3 weeks?--you give her more credit than I do.

And---Yes Dan.