Sunday, February 18, 2007

Old MacDonald's Barnyard Freaks

Well folks, it seems that Ole' MacDonald the god of barnyard animals and vowels is trying to send me a message.

I made a statement in another post about never having seen a four-legged bird, then today I am told about a four legged chicken in Romania, and then I find a story about a four-legged duck in England.

Okay, Lord MacDonald I apologize--E, I, E, I, sayeth the Lord.


Michelle said...

Mutant animals... cool.

R Nicolas said...

I thought so too. Here's a link for mutant cats you might like.

charlie potatoes said...

My old grandfather, an Arkansas chicken farmer, once bred a whole flock of six legged chickens, because his children all loved drum sticks so much. Family history tells us that the venture did not work out well. I once asked my grandfather how they tasted. He said the he never found out, he was never able to catch one.