Monday, February 19, 2007

Kentucky's New Family Fantasy Fun-Land

By way of Planet Atheism, I found an article at Discover.Com about the new Creationist Museum in Kentucky.

This place is definately being put on my to-do list for the Summer. My children love fantasy themed exhibits as much as I do, so it will probably be a family outing, and since it's only about an hour and a half away it will make for a good day-trip.

Hopefully, by then they will have an exhibit about how the Sun orbits the Earth as I plan on doing a post on this subject soon, and would be interested in their take on the subject.


Dan Marvin said...

Sorry to post this but I did get the calculation from the same people that created the Creationist Museum in Kentucky so i must give them the credit. You love when I do this anyway.

Lets use mathematics: Lets say the population doubled ever 150 years. And we start at Adam and Eve and after 32 doublings at 4800 years we get around 8.6 billion people but we take the “Flood” in account at 4500 years and we get a number around 6.5 billion people. Assuming the conservative growth rate the current population can be reached well within a 6000 year period.

Now evolutionists say mankind has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Let’s take that same equation and use just 50,000 years. So we extrapolate that out 50,000 doublings every 150 years (332 doublings) and we get one followed by 100 zero’s. That figure is unimaginable, for it is billions of times greater then the number of atoms that are in the entire universe!

R Nicolas said...

I believe that I already answered this nonsense on another post.

As for using Answers in Genesis as a source--that would explain a lot of the weaknesses in your arguments.

Michelle said...

I'd totally go to one of these if we had one nearby, unfortunately we're a bit behind, maybe in a few years.

R Nicolas said...

I grew up in Kentucky, so trust e when I say that if anyone is a "bit behind" it's Kentucky.

But I am definately going to this place, and will take plenty of pictures--it should be a fun experience.

Michelle said...

Cool, looking forward to the photos and report. Get on it!

R Nicolas said...

Yes Ma'am--Right away.