Sunday, February 4, 2007

All The Boobs Fit to Report

As a person who watches, and reads a lot of news from many different sources, I am quite familiar with the reputation that Fox News has gotten, as being the most slanted news organization on network television, and of being the right arm of the right-wing. Having watched a good bit of their shtick, I tend to agree.

As a result, Fox News is usually the last place I turn to for news, but I do check them out for opposing viewpoints on politically charged issues, since they usually have the exact same opinion as the White House.

So, this morning I was checking out their website for updates on the terrorist attack in Boston. I had already checked CNN, CNBC, NPR, the BBC, ABC, and several other news sites. These sites were focused on the tornadoes which ripped through Florida, the bombs ripping through Iraq, or the sub-zero weather here in the mid-west. All stories, which, I guess, deserve mention, but only Fox News had the stones to report on news that is actually important.

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The top video stories from Fox this morning were: "Miami based models battle it out in beach volleyball," and "Former Florida high school history teacher Erica Chevillar appearing in Playboy next month." Obviously Fox News has their finger on the pulse of world events that matter most to the 18-24 frat-boy demographic that has so much influence in today's political climate.

This would probably go a long way toward explaining way 80% of Fox News viewers believed in the propaganda that led to the current war in Iraq, while only 23% of NPR listeners believed the same bullshit. Why tell people the truth when you can show them bouncing breasts instead?

Tonight on Fox News: "Will the Iraq War ever end?", "Will global warming wipe out humanity?", "Are we winning the war on terror?", more on these issues later--but first we have the following:


Michelle said...

It's probably best that they stay out of politics or anything that's even slightly important, really.

R Nicolas said...

The real problem is that "18-24 year old frat-boy" is a mentality level, and a large percentage of the American voting-age population has this mentality level.

Anonymous said...

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