Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dead Strippers and Bald Has-Beens: Story at 11--And Every 15 Minutes Until Then

In the last couple of weeks there have been terrorist attacks in India, continuing death in Afghanistan and Iraq, continuing war in Somalia, increasing Cold War type tensions between the US and Russia in places like the Czech Republic and Poland, and a successful Chinese test of a rocket that can knock satellites from orbit.

President Bush seems determined to start another war; the Congress is too busy arguing about who supported what war when to deal with rising crime and poverty rates; and the mess called the Middle East is getting worse daily.

But what have been the big stories on television news? The paternity battle over a dead stripper's kid, and the hairdo, or lack thereof, and mental breakdown of a washed up pop star.

This is sad for so many reasons it's hard to pick one in particular to rant about. First we have the obvious stupidity of the average American news consumer, and then there's the obvious entertainment over information priority of the news outlets. But I guess the easiest target for a rant would be who has been picked for all of the attention.

When was the last time Anna Nicole Smith did anything that could even be remotely considered to be an addition to pop culture? It's been many, many years since her Playboy spread, and she wouldn't have even been in the news lately if it hadn't been for her drug using son's dying. Now she's the recipient of widespread mourning, and damned near 24 hour news coverage. Why? How many drug-addict strippers have died in the last year? I don't know either, so why is this one so damned important?

Then there's Britney. I don't give a shit if she's bald. But, obviously, the major news outlets seem to think I do. This last thing this pop-tart contributed, that I can remember, was her "take-me-from-behind" statue, and her musical contributions before that weren't anything to sing about. Let her have her breakdown, maybe then someone will take her kids and put them somewhere safe.

If the media needs a singer to talk about: today is Kurt Cobain's birthday (my son let me know that one before he left for school this morning). Surely they can milk his story for a couple of days, and, at least he actually contributed some good music to the World and had a real effect on American culture.

OK. I'm done ranting now. I guess I'll run a search for Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson--wouldn't want to lose track of who they're banging, and with the other two bimbos getting so much attention, they are surely planning something newsworthy.


Dan Marvin said...

At least we can agree on the media, that is a start.

I have thought of a saying during this back and forth with Ron the great Rant man. It is in the working but what do you think?

“When an Atheist wins an argument, they actually loose the gift.”
“When an Atheist wins an argument, they loose eternity”

I will make up tee shirts that say “Ron’s Rants Fan” on the front and said quote on the back. (I can’t believe I am still trying to reach you, give it up Dan)

"And that's the way it is"

R Nicolas said...

I think the second one would sell among the "faithful" crowd. Let me know how that works out. Maybe. I'll invest in the venture.

Michelle said...

Are you saying Britney isn't important? That her lack of hair doesn't matter? That's just blasphemous!

R Nicolas said...

Okay, maybe I got a bit carried away--I did put a picture of her up.

Well, according to CNN she's in rehab--again--so, I guess it doesn't matter.

Maybe I'll apologize to her later--then again maybe not.