Monday, February 12, 2007

Atheist Answers

Dante's version of Ron's future?In celebration of my having drawn a second Christian attack on the percieved state of my soul, I would like to offer up the following links.

They are links to youtube videos of the six parts of a series put out by called Atheism 101. It is essentially answers to many questions and challenges thrown at atheist by religious folk. There are many answers that I had already had, but there are some really good well thought out answers that I had never considered.

If I had the power I would show this in every Sunday school class across the World.

If you would rather not watch the videos the digital free thought link above will take you to a text version--just click on the "answers" button in the right margin.

Hope you enjoy and/or learn something.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Text Version Remember--click the "answers" button.


Michelle said...

Hey they're only trying to save your soul, they Christians, they're GOOD people, not like uncaring atheist/false religions/not real christians/what's the difference who don't care about your soul at all.

Michelle said...

I mean, I don't care about your soul... pfft. Soul? What's that?

R Nicolas said...

I'm hurt Michelle.

I mean afterall, I care about your so...Well okay so I don't.

But I do profess sorrow for people whose soles are in disrepair--is that good enough?

Michelle said...

Er, well whadda you want me to say? Um...

Nice soul you got there.. shame if anything happened to it...

R Nicolas said...

Actually my soul was put up for auction years ago, and I sold it for $11.48 so I could buy some beer and gummi worms. So, I guess asking for you to be kind about something that is no longer mine is a bit much to ask for. I'm sorry.