Friday, January 26, 2007

Sexual Relations Day

Well folks, it's Australia Day in Australia, and Republic Day in India, but here in the US it's what could be called Sexual Relations Day. Why? You may or may not ask. Well today is the 9th anniversary of the World's getting to hear the now famous line:

I did not have sexual relations with that woman...

Yes folks it's been almost a decade since the republicans here in the US were spending millions of dollars, and wasting everybodies time focusing on whether or not Bill Clinton got a hummer in his office.

In the years since that day republicans managed to assume control of the White House and the US Congress, during which time the have made it a point to severly ass-rape non-millionaire American citizens, and a huge chunk of the rest of the World. I just wonder if this violation would be considered "sexual relations."


Michelle said...

Monic is so cool, I wanna be her when I grow up..

Anonymous said...

You are my kind of guy...rant on!