Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Donations Being Accepted

Well I did a little camera shopping as I mentioned I was going to do, and have found the camera for me (pictured here.)

Unfortunately this little beauty cost between 700 and 800 dollars depending on where you get it.

Once again I am suffering from a case of champagne tastes and beer budget, and have no where near enough money tucked away to afford this piece of modern photography equipment---so I will resort to begging.

If anyone out there has any compassion for my plight I will gladly help them feel better about themselves by giving them a postal address whereto they may send me the funds to buy the aforementioned camera. Just contact me here by way of a comment. I promise to use this camera for the good of all mankind by taking an endless amount of high quality photographs of such worthy subjects as me, people being arrested around the city, acts of stupidity, and snow just to name a few.

Thank you.

Note: In hindsight I guess I could have prayed for the camera, but I already spent my prayer money on a venti sized triple shot vanilla latte at Starbucks.

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