Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Christian Whining

Well it seems that churches (at least the ones in the US) are crying about being the poor downtrodden masses again.

This time they are complaining about some bills going through the American Congress. It seems that were this bill to pass, churches involved in political lobbying:
...would be required to register with Congress and make certain initial and quarterly disclosures about their activities that would be made available to the public on an easily searchable government website.

The Lord knows we can't have churches being honest about their activities.

In my opinion (slightly biased as it may be) churches should be forced to stay out of politics, and stick to their time honored activity of brainwashing future morons. The Constitution has an entire clause about keeping churches out of politics which is based on Jefferson's fears about churches trying to influence policy and law thereby undermining democracy.

If these ministers want to play politics then they should drop their tax-exempt status, and become lobbyists. If they want to manipulate the body that levies taxes then they should have to pay taxes to do so.

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Michelle said...

Yeah but they're doing it for the Lord you see, and so it's ok.