Friday, January 19, 2007

Now We Know Who to Blame!!!

While aimlessly cruising around the web-o-sphere this evening I came across a site devoted to building up The President's Prayer Team.

According to this site, there are "millions" of Americans engaged in prayer to help the president, and his lackeys do the right thing. These millions are also praying to keep American soldiers safe (I guess the Brits, and others are on their own) despite God having failed to do so over 25,800 times so far. But then, this club is also praying to keep churches safe from attack even though God let two of his houses in North Carolina North Carolina be burned recently.

But, the thing that struck me the hardest was the following quote on the club's homepage:

Our liberty is a precious gift of God, bought at a great price. As we pray for our nation, let us first give God the thanks and honor He deserves for blessing us as He has.

So, according to this statement, the 1,224,423 or so Americans who have died in American wars were sacrifices to the Christian god for his "gift of freedom", which doesn't bode well for the future of American soldiers serving now.

This of course is just another example of just how blood thirsty the Christian god is. This is the same god that killed Egyptian children because their king didn't like Moses, wiped out nearly all life on the planet because some of his angels had gotten some women pregnant, and destroyed entire cities (men, women, and children), because he didn't like who some people were sleeping with.

Who in the hell would love a god like this? Probably the same people who would pray for a president whose illegal war has killed more Americans (not to mention Iraqis, Brits, Spaniards, Australians, Italians, etc.) than the terrorist attacks referred to as 9/11.


Michelle said...

Maybe those people weren't praying hard enough?

R Nicolas said...

I think it may have to do with money. These morons probably didn't send God enough money to cover their prayer.