Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Need for Hell--Burn on Earth

Being the kind of person who loves to rant about idiots and their behavior, I often talk about religious folk--which is exactly what I am about to do. So, if you are one of the blindly faithful followers of Jesus, Yahweh, Muhammad, Thor, Krom, the lord of the Flies, etc. then you may want to go read your holy books or sit around and babble out some prayers. For the rest of you, I have the following tidbit from the BBC.

It seems that Jesus Christ was condemned to death today in Nigeria for murder. According to the BBC, "Emeka Ezeuko, better known as Reverend King, was found guilty on one count of murder and five of attempted murder," and then sentenced to death. According to the article, this self-proclaimed Nigerian incarnation of Jesus Christ set six of his congregation on fire last July for the sin of extra-marital sex.

Now, many of you are probably doing something along the line of shaking your heads and thinking about how horrible this deed is. But, when you look at the larger picture it is nothing but another example of the stupidity we call religion.

First of all, the idea of killing people for their sins is as old as religion itself. Think burning witches, the inquisition, killing abortion providers, and most of the wars in human history.

Then there is the question about how one man could douse six people with gasoline and set them on fire. Why did the victims allow him to do it, and what about the other members of the congregation who allowed it to happen, and, according to the article, still support their chosen man of God.

In my opinion the man is a criminal, but if the victims of his crime are so stupid that they allowed themselves to be punished by him--then what crime did he really commit beyond the spreading of the ignorance known as Christianity?

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